We only have space for showing some of our various activities, but we hope you catch the spirit and the idea behind AIPA. We would be more than happy if you would become part of a project or an initiative, or if you even introduced us to one you and us could launch and run together.

China has some of the world's greatest music performance companies and incredibly spectacular music venues. AIPA wants to open this world to a global audience

Currently, AIPA is doing pre-production on a HD broadcast quality series of performances by some of China's most esteemed music performance companies. The recordings are set for distribution on a strictly non-commercial, non-profit basis through TV, webcasts, and similar.

All performances are produced to PBS standards and compatible with its "Great Performances Series", and are organized not only to entertain the audience but to introduce viewers to themes and principals of music appreciation. These themes will be introduced and explained by the presenters, and additionally, AIPA will prepare companion website materials for more in-depth exploration.

Being headquartered in Chicago, AIPA is proud to recognize the city's musical heritage and to show the world the excitement iconic Chicago Blues brings.

Chicago Blues took the basic acoustic guitar and harmonica based Delta Blues, made the harmonica louder with a microphone, and added amplified guitar/bass guitar, drums, piano and sometimes saxophone and trumpet. It has a more extended palette of notes than the standard six-note blues scale. Often, notes from the major scale and dominant 9th chords are added, which gives the music a more of a "jazz feel" while still remaining in the confines of the blues genre.
Originally, Chicago Blues was street corner based music, developed in the first half of the 20th century as a result of black workers moving from the South into the industrial cities of the North such as Chicago.

AIPA is launching a collaboration with Bob Hecko, owner of the famous "B.L.U.E.S." club, to record and broadcast live from his venue in the heart of Chicago. Moreover, AIPA will send the best of his artists on tour to promote Chicago and its iconic music around the globe.

Music unites people, especially young people who account for roughly 52% of the world's population. The ORYX Vision: Uniting the music world through the ultimate global platform.
  • Truly Global: Including all music cultures and genres of this world.
  • Truly Independent: Completely audience driven, not industry or jury driven.
  • Truly Crossmedia: Fully interactive throughout all media.
AIPA and ORYX share the mission of cultural interaction and of creating global understanding. Therefore, AIPA supports and endorses the ORYX CULTURE & EDUCATION SUMMIT, an international get-together of culture and education related individuals and representatives of institutions, NGOs and governments.

ORYX, a venture of COJACOR Participations, has been created by AIPA Director Jack Z. Sherman and developed with the valuable input and contributions of recognized global media professionals and organizations.
The launch is scheduled for 2020, probably with China being the host country. For further information, please visit the ORYX website.