AIPA is working on establishing strategic alliances with highly recognized organizations around the world for conducting projects and initiatives together.

The China World Peace Foundation is an internationally recognized NGO founded by Dr. Li Ruo Hong.
Its theme is "Peace Plus": Peace plus Culture, Peace plus Education, Peace plus Sports, Peace plus Health. AIPA has a collaboration agreement with the CWPF for conducting projects in arts, culture and education.

The CWPF is supported and endorsed by partners like the UN United Nations, the IOC International Olympic Committee, the Red Cross, the WBO World Boxing Organization, and many countries' governments as well as academic institutions. Support also comes from China's government authorities and the China Development Bank on the many international projects.

It has been 40 years ago when China and the USA first started cultural exchange. AIPA is enthusiastic and committed to contribute to the coming 40 years and much further.
The photo shows AIPA Executive Director of Global Relations, Mr. Jack Z. Sherman, AIPA's Executive Director, Mr. John P. Duggan, and CWPF's Founder & Chairman Dr. Li Ruo Hong at CWPF's headquarters in Beijing.