AIPA is very proud to have two excellent Executive Directors who dedicate a lot of enthusiasm and time to the mission of AIPA. Both are also Founding Members of AIPA and therefore are more than committed to the growth of the organization.

John P. Duggan
(AIPA Executive Director)
John DugganMr. John Duggan, a business man and attorney active in media, is an expert in organizing some of the world’s biggest sporting and entertainment events all over the world. He serves on the Executive Board of the "World Boxing Organization" (WBO), an international NGO that sanctions 40 World Championships and 90 Regional Championships annually.
He has over 20 years of experience in negotiating complex international agreements, and in maintaining government and NGO relations in North America, Europe and West Africa.
Besides this, he serves as Trustee of the Aurora Police Pension Board, administering and investing USD 250 million in pension funds, and as Trustee of the SciTech Museum, dedicated to teaching young school children science, and is on the Executive Board of the Paramount Arts Center, producing performing and visual arts including a Broadway Production Company.

Jack Z. Sherman
(AIPA Executive Director of Global Relations)
Jack ShermanMr. Jack Z. Sherman, a resident of the Turks & Caicos Islands, truly is a global citizen, doing business all over the world for more than two decades now. Over the years, he has built a solid base of political, commercial and individual contacts throughout the world.
On one hand, he is a media and crossmedia expert with an entrepreneurial spirit, from content development to production to monetization. On the other hand, he also has a vast management expertise on senior level in various industries.
Currently, he is CEO of globally operating consulting firm FCO Fiumicino Ltd. and CEO of COJACOR's ventures in energy and infrastructure. Moreover, he serves as honorary Member of the Board of Advisors at the"Goody Awards" and is Interim CEO at the ORYX venture. In the past, he served as Ambassador of the legendary "World Music Awards" (Monaco) and as Member of the International Advisory Council of the "World Championships of Performing Arts" ("The Olympics of Performing Arts").


The two Executive Directors are enthusiastically supported by an impressive list of 9 international individuals on AIPA's prestigious Board of Directors who contribute their time and contacts to the benefit of AIPA's challenging mission.

Terry Balagia
(Miami, USA)
Terry BalagiaMr. Terry Balagia is an advertising Executive Creative Director who has won over 60 awards for his advertising campaigns and creative excellence. He has re-positioned and significantly changed the American consumer’s impression with the countless advertising campaigns created by him to Toyota, re-shaping the view of Japanese brands in the USA.
He served as SVP/Managing director and executive creative director of DMB&B Los Angeles, and as executive creative director for Saatchi & Saatchi Canada. As Marketing Director, he led FOX to first place, for the first time in the network's history, and he introduced text voting to the USA upon the launch of "American Idol".
Currently, he is Founder/CEO of Snowball Media; an agency specialized in new ways to monetize content by combining brands to consumers through music and entertainment content.

Gerald Galloway
(Chicago, USA)
Gerald GallowayMr. Galloway is the Founder & CEO of CriticalKey LLC, a care coordination technology services company where he takes the lead in setting its strategy and developing its expansion plans. He also serves as Founder & CEO at Galloway Consulting Inc.
As an entrepreneur he has founded 4 companies in technology services and consulting, in which he worked with "Fortune 500" technology companies and high-growth start-ups. Also, he has advised start-ups, private equity funds, and not-for-profits on fund raising strategies.
During his political career, he served as Political Director for Pat Quinn (currently the Governor of Illinois) and later served as the mayor’s Chief of Staff in Aurora, the second-largest city in Illinois.

Jim Gibson
(Chicago, USA)
Jim GibsonMr. Gibson is an EMMY Award winning TV host, seasoned professional entertainer, and the CEO of Big Talk Media.
He has performed in the White House at the Congressional Ball for Presidents Reagan and Bush sr. Having hosted more than 1,500 televised pageants throughout the globe makes him the most requested pageant host in the world. Now, he also is a partner of Donald Trump in the "Miss Universe" pageant. Moreover, he has served as Associate producer at several theater blockbuster movies.
Recently, he has been the voice-over announcer for "Rockin The Corps - An American Thank You" (shot at Camp Pendleton), the largest such military concert ever. And, he is one of the co-founder of a Washington/DC charity called Fight Night that has raised USD 200 million over the years.

Guo Meijun
(Shanghai, China)
Guo MeijunDr. Guo currently serves as Director of International Programs at the School of Creative Studies (Shanghai Theatre Academy) that is teaching Economics of Arts & Culture, Creative Industries Studies and Arts Management. She also serves as Vice Director at the John Howkins Research Centre on Creative Economy that provides business consulting, research on policy of cultural and creative industries, talent development strategy, entrepreneurship coaching, incubation and mentoring to start-ups.
Moreover, Dr. Guo is the key coordinator for the UN's initiative UNCTAD Creative Economy Academy Network connecting over 100 universities and academic institutions around the world. She has organized international conferences, festivals and cultural events. By working closely with BOP Consulting, she has contributed greatly to the "World Cities Cultural Report 2012", the benchmarking cultural research initiated by the Mayor of London.
In 2010, she received the prestigious merit-based Australian Endeavour Award as well as, in 2011, the Creative Leaders Award at China Creative Industries Awards.

Guo Shan
(Beijing, China)
Guo ShanMme. Guo currently serves as Chairwoman of the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Region Orchestras (AAPRO), founded in 1996, and as President of China Symphony Development Foundation.
For over 20 years, she has worked in the China Motion Picture Symphony Orchestra, involved in TV series, films and global concert tours. In 2000, Mme. Guo was appointed Deputy Director of the China National Symphony Orchestra in charge of fundraising, programming and administration. In 2009 and 2010, she convened musicians from both mainland China and Taiwan to go on tour performances at 7 cities in Mainland and Taiwan.
In 2010, at the invitation of Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, she initiated the Asia-Pacific United Orchestra which performed at a concert for the launching ceremony of the UN Academic Impact Project.

Mark Jawors
(Los Angeles, USA)
Mark JaworsMr. Jawors is an experienced entrepreneur and private investor who currently also serves as President/CEO of Stanford Investments. One of his many success stories is the launch of Attorney Assisted Legal Centers in the USA which he planned and executed as their Vice President Marketing.
Prior to entering the business arena, he served in the in the US Air Force, where his positions included Fighter Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Assistant Flight Commander, Chief of Current Operations and Scheduling, Chief of Standardization and Evaluation, Squadron Intelligence Officer and Chief of Life Support. His military achievements have been recognized with the Air Force Commendation Medal.
After serving his country, he flew many years as a pilot for American Airlines on domestic and international routes.

Liz H. Kelly
(Los Angeles, USA)
Liz H. KellyBesides being a highly recognized published author, Ms. Kelly is CEO/Founder of Sunrise Road Media, an Engagement Marketing Agency that develops and runs viral marketing campaigns throughout all popular social media platforms.
For the past 20 years, she has built multiple start-up companies and held leadership roles in Operations, Marketing and Client Services at multinational corporations during their growth phase. Her marketing success stories include Paramount Pictures, Sprint PCS, Motorola's Iridium, Toyota, Warner Brothers and others, which she created and ran multi-million dollar campaigns for.
At FOX Interactive, she served as Senior Director/VP of MySpace, the first music focused community ever, where she has run multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for brands that included multiple music tours.

Edward C. Ohlin
(Iowa, USA)
Edward OhlinMr. Ohlin is an expert for the markets and cultures in North/Central America and Asia. Currently, he serves as President, Marketing & Product Planning Insight at H-BR Automotive Consulting. He recently served clients such as Ford on new model launches and Toyota on production locations.
From 1985 to 2008, he was with Toyota Motors Sales (TMS) in the USA and in China. From 2005 to 2008, he also served as TMS Vice President of Special Projects & Senior Advisor to FTMS Beijing, being advisor on model selection, vehicle distribution, market representation policies, and marketing approaches for FAW/Toyota in China.
From 2003 to 2005, he served as President at T-Mex / Vice President at TMS Mexico Operations, overseeing all sales, marketing, parts and service operations for Toyota in Mexico.

Zhang Changcheng
(Beijing, China)
Zhang ChangchengMr. Zhang currently holds positions as CEO of Beijing Cultural and Art Holding Company, as Chairman of the Beijing Modern Dance Company, as Chairman of Beijing Gehua Huixin Cultural Investment Company, as Alumni of the Culture Leadership Programme at the US State Department. He also serves as a Member of the Culture Leadership Programme at the US State Department, Mentor for the Leadership Programme at the British Art Council, visiting Scholar of Culture Administration at the Freie Universität Berlin.
Moreover, Mr. Zhang is currently managing investment and financing of the Gehua Group (the largest cultural Group in China), where he is directly in charge of several projects of national importance such as the "Gehua theatre + museum" chain, cooperating with universities to promote education in art administration. His former positions include CEO of GeHua wallet-proof culture company, Curator of The China Millennium Contemporary Art Museum, and Director of the Beijing Modern Dance Company.
With extensive experience in fundraising, producing, managing, and operating in the art and cultural field, made the Beijing Modern Dance Company an internationally well-acknowledged organization which has toured over 40 countries. Performances had been staged in the Royal Opera House (UK), Teatro La Fenice (Italy), John F. Kennedy Arts Center (USA), Kodak Theater (USA) and many others. Additionally, he actively participated in a range of art and cultural events such as Venice Biennale, National Multicultural Festival (Australia), Berlin Art Festival, Art Fair Tokyo, and several other.
On a regular basis, he provides professional consulting services to various art institutions and media corporations, having pioneered the promotion of marketization of Chinese art organizations as well as the independent operation of art-related NPOs. He did great contributions in planning, promoting and organizing of many international art conferences, performances and campaigns in cooperation with China, including Festival Croisements, Beijing International Design Week, The Union of the Theatres of Europe’s Conference in China.