The American Institute of Performing Arts (AIPA) is organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes in accordance with 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

AIPA is organized to educate, entertain and inspire the general public and increase its appreciation of the performing arts. Main objective is to arrange for international cultural exchange programs as well as for cross border collaboration of performing arts related individuals, organizations and institutions.

AIPA intends to provide recordings of performing arts emphasizing performances of symphonic orchestras, operas and ballet, traditional music including genres of folk, blues and jazz, regional and national music and popular music. Such recordings will be distributed to schools and universities to be used in connection with the Music Appreciation Curriculum. The educational, entertainment and inspirational purpose of the organization gets supported by companion materials suitable for K-12 and adult education.

AIPA is meant to be a globally active organization. Interested countries are always welcome to participate in a cultural exchange and showcase their own performing arts history.

The AIPA collaboration between the USA and China is already progressing extremely well. Step by step further countries are added:
  • Building a basic global awareness through social media, especially Facebook and Twitter.
  • Launching collaborations with influential organizations in several countries, for example cultural exchange programs for artists, students and professors.
  • Securing market presence by opening representational offices locally. Office space and local interns can be provided by local supporters, operational costs can be split among AIPA and a local organization which also might contribute local fundraising activities.
  • Coordinating international cultural exchange, not just between a foreign country and the USA but for example also scholarships programs between Italy and Brazil or the tour of a Chinese orchestra in Russia.
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